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The Challenge

As a boutique UI/UX studio based in Singapore, Zensite struggled to generate a consistent flow of qualified opportunities for their pipeline. Being in a relatively small market such as Singapore, it was hard to stand out and get the edge over their competition, especially in the web design and product design space.

Zensite struggled to identify the right channel(s) to engage leads. Even with the right choice of channels, timing was always the issue (when to engage leads). After trying several outbound agencies and even other marketing channels, Zensite partnered with frontBrick to solve their main challenge and ensure their pipeline never runs dry.

The Solution

When frontBrick started working with Zensite, we went back to basics: Analyzing ICP (digging into CRM, listening to sales calls and analyzing past customers). We have identified several common buying triggers and behavior that led to these decisions. From there we crafted a custom playbook for Zensite's team that was focused on cold email. The main components were:

  1. Cold Email Infrastructure: We understood that even we the laser-targeted ICP and great messaging cold email won't work without setting up a robust infrastructure. We purchased 10 alternative domains and split our email infrastructure between Google and Outlook to ensure high deliverability. These emails and domains were then warmed up with Smartlead for 4 weeks.

  2. The data: Traditional databases such as Apollo or Zoominfo (as a standalone solutions) weren;t enough. Frontbrick's data team scraped the data from Crunchbase, Google, LinkedIn Ads library and other sources where we identified Zensite's target audience was spending time. Our team used to enrich the data and Apollo to get additional verified email addresses. Throughout our journey we contacted 7,000+ leads (in 90 days).

  3. Copywriting - There's a saying with outbound lead generation agencies: good list (data) writes the copy. Our lists were well-segmented so our job was simpler. We were able to maintain high-relevance and personalization, while keeping our emails short and with great, concise offer. Campaigns had 4 emails steps.
  4. Result: Over the course of 90 days we got 266 replies (7.61%), while 24.44% (65) turned into leads, demonstrating relevant copy, excellent offer and above all - top quality data. The total pipeline value generated was $418.8K, while Zensite managed to close $90K generating ROI of over 15X.

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