The Agoge Sequence and Its Importance for Cold Outreach

The Agoge Sequence and Its Importance for Cold Outreach
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The Agoge Sequence and Its Importance for Cold Outreach

In today's competitive landscape, it is hard to cut through the noise and keep up with aggressive SDR quotas. Many times, SDRs and BDRs give up on their prospects after 3-4 follow-ups. But are 3 or 4 follow-ups enough to convert a prospect into a meeting? Maybe. But the approach of the agoge sequence is somewhat different. It is a perfect mixture of personalization and automated follow-ups to ensure persistence.

And persistence is sometimes a key element of success.

What is the Agoge Sequence?

The Agoge Sequence is a strategic framework that can greatly enhance the effectiveness of your outbound efforts. Inspired by the rigorous training system of ancient Sparta, the Agoge Sequence provides a step-by-step approach to engaging with potential clients or customers in a way that builds trust, establishes rapport, and ultimately increases the chances of conversion.

At its core, the Agoge Sequence emphasizes the importance of personalized communication and a systematic approach to reaching out to prospects. The agoge sequence typically entails 15 touchpoints, including cold emails, cold calls, and LinkedIn messages.

It is designed to help you stand out from the sea of generic and impersonal cold emails, making a lasting impression on your target audience.

agoge sequence example with video
agoge sequence example with video

Benefits of the Agoge Sequence

One of the key benefits of the Agoge Sequence is its ability to establish credibility and trust with your prospects. By following a well-structured framework, you can demonstrate that you understand their pain points and have taken the time to research their specific needs.

This personalized approach shows that you are not simply sending out mass emails but are genuinely interested in helping them solve their problems.

Additionally, the Agoge Sequence helps you build rapport with your prospects by gradually nurturing the relationship. Instead of immediately pushing for a sale, the sequence focuses on providing value and establishing a connection.

This approach allows you to develop a relationship based on trust and mutual understanding, increasing the likelihood of a positive response.

Another advantage of the Agoge Sequence is its scalability. Whether you are reaching out to a handful of prospects or a large pool of potential clients, the sequence can be easily adapted to suit your needs.

By following a systematic approach, you can efficiently manage and track your outreach efforts, ensuring that no opportunity falls through the cracks.

How to Use the Agoge Sequence

To successfully implement the Agoge Sequence, it is important to understand its key components and how they work together. Here is a breakdown of the sequence:

  1. Research: Before reaching out to a prospect, invest time in researching their company, industry, and pain points. This will allow you to tailor your message and demonstrate that you have done your homework.
  2. Initial Contact: Begin by sending a personalized and engaging cold email. Make sure to highlight the value you can offer and why your solution is relevant to their needs. Keep the email concise, but compelling enough to capture their attention.
  3. Follow-up: If you don't receive a response to your initial email, don't give up. Implement a mix of automated and personalized follow-up messages. Persistence is key in cold outreach.
  4. Value Offer: Once you have established a connection and gained their attention, provide value by sharing relevant content, insights, or resources. This showcases your expertise and helps further build trust. Consider building a simple landing page to articulate your value proposition.
  5. Call to Action: Finally, when the relationship has been nurtured, include a clear and compelling call to action. Whether it's scheduling a call, setting up a meeting, or signing up, guide your prospect towards the next step in the sales process.
guidelines to build agoge sequence
guidelines to build agoge sequence

Agoge Sequence Examples

To illustrate the practical application of the Agoge Sequence, here are a few examples:

  1. Example 1:SaaS Sales: Let's say you are selling a project management software to small businesses. Your research reveals that a particular company is struggling with inefficient task management. You start by sending a personalized email highlighting how your software can streamline their processes. After a follow-up email, you provide a case study showcasing the success of a similar company. Finally, you offer a free trial and invite them to schedule a demo. This approach is super beneficial for sales teams doing outbound in the B2B SaaS industry.
  2. Example 2: Consulting Services: Imagine you offer consulting services to startups. Through your research, you discover that a specific startup is facing challenges in scaling their operations. Your initial email focuses on the common pain points faced by startups and how your expertise can help. You follow up with a white paper on effective scaling strategies and offer to schedule a complimentary strategy session.
  3. Example 3: Web Design Agencies: Suppose you run a Web Design Agency selling marketing websites. After researching a potential customer, you send a personalized email articulating common pain points that your ICP faces. In your follow-up, you share a blog post on the importance of top-quality websites, with a link to your case studies and portfolio. Finally, you offer a free mockup of their homepage to showcase the value in exchange for a meeting.


The Agoge Sequence is a powerful framework that can revolutionize your cold outreach strategy. By prioritizing personalized communication, building trust, and nurturing relationships, the sequence increases the chances of converting prospects into customers.

Remember to conduct thorough research, follow a systematic approach, and provide value at each step of the sequence. With the Agoge Sequence in your arsenal, your cold outreach efforts are bound to yield better results and drive growth for your business.


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The Agoge Sequence and Its Importance for Cold Outreach
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December 9, 2023
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