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Veza Digital

The Challenge

Usually, companies like Veza Digital that provide marketing & web design services struggle to fill their calendar with qualified prospects and grow their revenue. Most of agencies heavily rely on referrals and SEO. In many cases, they do not have any outbound initiatives and they lack expertise on how to properly target ideal customer profile, reach out at the right time without spamming their inboxes.

Our goal was to provide their Sales team with as many qualified meetings as possible to help them grow client base.

The Solution

After analyzing Veza's ideal customer profile, we implemented a hyper-personalized approach that included video prospecting at scale. By carefully tailoring our outreach to each prospect, we were able to increase engagement and generate more opportunities. Our efforts included a mix of cold email marketing and LinkedIn outreach, which led to a 99% open rate and a 13.7% reply rate.

Within just 30 days, our efforts resulted in 14 new opportunities, with five of those prospects becoming new clients for Veza. This translates to an impressive 12.5x return on investment (ROI) for the company. Thanks to our targeted approach and proven strategies, Veza was able to achieve their goal of filling their calendars with high-quality sales meetings and growing their business.

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