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Logistics by Spiral



Logistics by Spiral

The Challenge

Spiral's team, with their deep expertise in logistics, had always been successful in delivering value to their clients. However, they faced a major hurdle when it came to lead generation. Their goal was to fill their calendars with sales meetings, but reaching out to Marketing and Sales leaders at large enterprise companies proved to be quite challenging. 

These companies, known for their size and complexity, required a unique approach to outbound marketing. Spiral understood that they needed to tailor their messaging and value proposition specifically for these high-level decision-makers. They recognized that the key to success lay in showcasing how their solutions could address the specific pain points faced by enterprise companies with 500+ employees.

Frontbrick’'s team began researching these companies extensively, gathering valuable insights that would help them craft compelling outreach strategies. By leveraging our industry knowledge and personalizing our outreach, we were able to break through the noise and capture the attention of key stakeholders. 

Slowly but surely, Frontbrick started booking more sales meetings for Spiral with top-level executives from some of the biggest enterprise companies in the market. 

Our persistence paid off as they continued to refine our outbound marketing tactics and build strong relationships with these influential decision-makers.

The Solution

After carefully analyzing Spiral's ideal clients and understanding their pain points, we implemented our hyper-personalized approach with video prospecting at scale. The results were astounding, with a total of 11 opportunities identified. 

These opportunities not only led to the acquisition of 3 new clients but also generated an impressive ROI of 26X. Among the 11 opportunities, we were able to secure meetings with some of the industry's biggest players, including companies listed in the Inc 5000 and those considering an IPO. 

This demonstrates the effectiveness of our strategy in attracting high-profile prospects. 

Furthermore, the average deal size for the three acquired clients amounted to $36,000, indicating that our solution is not only successful but also highly valuable to our clients. 

In addition to these impressive numbers, our outreach efforts achieved remarkable engagement rates. With an open rate of 83% and a reply rate of 5%, we have successfully captured the attention and interest of Spiral’s target audience.

 Within just 30 days, we were able to identify a total of 11 new opportunities, highlighting the effectiveness of our approach in generating leads for Spiral. 

Overall, our hyper-personalized video prospecting strategy has proven to be a game-changer for Spiral. It has enabled us to connect with top-tier prospects, secure new business deals, and achieve exceptional ROI.

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