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Aspire Marketing



Aspire Marketing

The Challenge

Aspire had been successful in the mortgage lending industry, but their main challenge was shifting their focus toward the Hospitality SaaS industry. Although they had a few clients in the industry, their website did not effectively communicate this expertise. They needed a strategy to generate leads and acquire new clients in this industry

The Solution

FrontBrick Leadz helped Aspire build a high-converting landing page focused on Hospitality SaaS and created a few case studies to showcase their expertise in the industry. Our team also implemented a hyper-personalized approach using video prospecting and messaging based on prospects' LinkedIn activities at scale.

As a result of our strategy, Aspire saw an increase in new opportunities, with 25 new leads generated, 6 new clients acquired, and a 10.5 X ROI within a 45-day period. The hyper-personalized approach resulted in a 89% open rate and a 7% reply rate, demonstrating the effectiveness of our approach in reaching and engaging with the target audience.

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