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B2B Lead Generation for SEM Agency






The Challenge

As a leading SEM agency and Google Premier Partner categorized as top 3% of agencies within the United States, Lockhern offers unmatched SEM expertise to eCommerce brands.

Nevertheless, they encountered a significant obstacle in the realm of lead generation. The objective was to help Lockhern’s team connect with ideal customers and ensure qualified meetings for their sales pipeline.

With a saturated market in eCommerce space, positioning marketing services to eCommerce and Marketing leaders of established retail brands was quite a challenge.

Furthemore, Lockhern had a pretty negative experience with previous lead generation agencies so frontBrick’s team had an important task to exceed expectations and ensure a smooth collaboration.

The Solution

There isn’t one-size fits all approach with outbound. frontBrick crafted a custom strategy that consisted of several inter-connected stages:

  1. Discovery: One of the biggest benefits of working with frontBrick is a quick onboarding time. The first step was discovery & strategy. Our team invested a significant portion of time toward understanding what distinguishes Lockhern from competitors, what are typical pain points of customers, and how we can articulate Lockhern’s value proposition. During this stage we also identified the tech stack that we will be using. This phase concluded with frontBrick creating an ICP and identifying target accounts and size of the market.

  2. Strategy & Setup: Upon completion of the Discovery phase, and thorough understanding of Lockhern’s ICP frontBrick built a custom playbook to drive engagement with prospects. During this phase, our team also completed the technical setup necessary to ensure high email deliverability.

  3. Launch: After 4 weeks of discovery, strategy & setup - we were ready to launch the campaign. With multi-channel outreach our goal was to consistently engage with qualified prospects and book qualified meetings . Throughout the campaign frontBrick provided transparent slack communication, weekly reports on activities such as emails sent, LinkedIn messages, open rates, response rates and more.
  4. Result: Result: Despite a lower frequency of scheduled meetings, the high quality paid off. Lockhern gained two new clients in a span of 60 days, generating revenue upwards of $25,000, which translates to a stellar 18X return on investment.
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