5-step centralized outreach process to get a 17-20% conversion rate with Lemlist

5-step centralized outreach process to get a 17-20% conversion rate with Lemlist
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5-step centralized outreach process to get a 17-20% conversion rate with Lemlist

5-step centralized outreach process to get a 17-20% conversion rate

Traditional salespeople workflow:

1. Find qualified leads in the first tool,

2. Collect them with the second tool,

3. Find their emails with the third tool,

4. Verify those emails in the fourth tool,

5. Use the fifth tool to reach out… 🥵


This is often time-consuming, expensive, and inefficient, and it does not guarantee getting replies that could open new business opportunities.

In this article, we’ll show you how to use 1 suite of tools for a multi-channel outbound lead generation - lempire’s lemlist, lemwarm, and lemcal, to centralize your outreach efforts and 


→ Access pool of 450M+ potential buyers
→ Get their verified emails with a single click
→ Send personalized multichannel campaigns on auto-pilot
→ Land out of the spam folder
→ Boost meeting bookings and show-up rates

5 steps to get a 17-20% conversion rate on your outreach campaign

Step 1: Find the right prospects 

  1. Use lemlist’s B2B leads database

lemlist’s B2B leads database has 450M+ contacts that you can filter by 25+ targeted criteria, such as technology, company size, industry, or location. This helps you target people that fit your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and boost your outreach efficiency.


lemlist's B2B leads database


PS. If you still don’t have your ICP defined, you use lemlist’s free ICP generator and ensure to find people most willing to buy your product/service.

  1. Use lemlist’s Chrome extension

LinkedIn’s advanced search capabilities allow you to find potential buyers based on their job role, seniority, location, industry, etc.

Once you've identified your prospects on LinkedIn, you can collect their contacts with the lemlist Chrome extension!

Lemlist's chrome extension for LinkedIn

The extension allows you to scrape all your leads from a LinkedIn or Sales navigator search and send them directly to your lemlist outreach campaign.

Step 2: Find prospects’ verified emails and information

Once you find people you want to target with your outreach, you can use lemlist's Email Finder and Verifier to get 80%+ valid email addresses.

Email Finder and Verifier combine the best third-party data sources to give you 40-55% more valid emails thanks to the waterfall enrichment method.

This is the equivalent of asking 6 different providers for up-to-date leads’ information without navigating and subscribing to multiple apps.‍

lemlist's email finder and verifier

Step 3: Create personalized multichannel campaigns

Use custom variables to personalize your messages

Personalizing your emails will make you stand out significantly and increase your reply rates. That’s why you want to show your prospects that they aren’t just a row on a CSV and that you can relate to their pain points.

Here are different ways you can personalize your emails at scale with lemlist custom variables:

  • Text variables: No matter how many emails you send, you can automatically personalize any part of your message (e.g., intro line, pitch, CTA) to grab leads' attention and build trust.


email variables placeholders


custom email variables using lemlist
  • Image variables: Stand out with personalized images by automatically adding your leads' names, logos, website screenshots, etc.


customizable image variables template


preview of custom image with lemlist's variables
  • Video variables: Give value to your prospects on a more personal level and grab their attention with custom video thumbnails
video variables in email
  • Website variables: Build personalized landing pages just for your leads where you can embed your calendar and include assets or CTA
website URL variables on landing pages
  • Liquid Syntax: Include custom code variables that automatically adapt to your lead’s position or specific information about your leads.
liquid syntax examples

Follow up in a custom way on multiple channels

While basic campaigns rely on a single outreach method, multichannel campaigns use a combination of channels, such as email, LinkedIn, phone calls, etc.

Because you’re connecting on the channels your leads prefer and based on their availability, going multi-channel increases the chances of them engaging with you!

Here are steps you can add to lemlist’s multichannel sequence to increase your reply chances:

multi-channel options with lemlist


→ LinkedIn steps

  • LinkedIn profile visits: to increase the chances of prospects accepting your connection request
  • LinkedIn invites: to expose your personal brand and get in touch more easily
  • LinkedIn messages: to remind them of your message and stay on the top of their mind
  • LinkedIn voice messages: to stand out from the crowd and show you’re willing to go the extra mile to prove your effort.

→ Cold call: to build rapport directly with your prospects

→ Reminders to manual actions: to get your leads’ attention (e.g., comment on their post, etc.)

Auto-adjust next steps based on leads’ reactions

lemlist users can also add Advanced conditions to their sequences - steps that will automatically change campaign flow based on specific criteria they provide.

advanced logic and conditions based on behavior

For example, if a lead clicks on a link, you can automatically send them an email related to the linked content. If not, you can automatically send an email encouraging them to click on the link or whatever content you provide.

Advanced conditions automatically adjusted to each lead’s activities stimulate human-like steps to avoid repetitive & nonvaluable tasks (like manually checking whether a lead has accepted a LinkedIn invitation).

Pro tip: Leverage the power of AI to create campaigns that push replies

You can create multichannel campaigns without lifting a finger, thanks to the power of AI!

lemlist’s AI is trained by the best-converting campaigns from 400M+ emails to create personalized outreach sequences that drive conversions!

You can use it to generate hyper-personalized multichannel sequences based on the value proposition and recipient info you add.

lemlist's ai outbound campaign generator

This saves you hours, avoids the blank-page anxiety, and increases your reply rates.

Step 4: Use the right scheduling tool

Whether you’re reaching out to users for feedback or to prospects for meetings, the right booking tool makes scheduling meetings effortless.

With free access to lemcal, you can cut friction and get 2x more meetings booked:

→ catch leads attention thanks to a personalized booking page
→ save hours of manual work with automated scheduling links
→ boost your sales efficiency thanks to lemlist integration

preview of lemcal

The best part? It takes less than 1 minute to switch from another scheduling tool to lemcal!

Step 5: Land your campaigns out of the spam folder

Now, let’s say all the previous conditions are met, but you don’t reach out to your prospects in their primary inbox.

Prospects will not see your message; if they do, they won’t trust it because your email was in their spam folder. That’s why it’s important to keep your email deliverability high.

For each lemlist seat, users get free access to lemwarm, saving $29/month.

Having deliverability and warm-up boosters like lemwarm helps you:

preview of lemwarm to stay out of spam

The key is to keep lemwarm ON before, during, and after sending campaigns so that your emails stay out of the spam folder in the long run!

The key takeaways

Mastering outreach isn’t easy, but with the right suite of tools, you can boost your efficiency and save up to 30 hours per week. Here’s how we did it!

With lempire’s suite of tools, you can find, verify, contact, and convert your leads without spending hours and money switching between 3-rd party tools.

Give lemlist’s 14-day free trial a chance and revolutionize the way you’re doing outreach.



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5-step centralized outreach process to get a 17-20% conversion rate with Lemlist
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April 4, 2024
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