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Black Peak

The Challenge

As an Enterprise Webflow Agency based in Canada, Black Peak struggled to generate a consistent flow of qualified opportunities for their pipeline. Being in a booming, and a competitive space such as Webflow it wasn't easy to engage qualified, funded B2B tech companies that would be ready to invest in a brand new website or no-code web app.

Like many agencies, Black Peak struggled to identify the right channel(s) to engage leads. LinkedIn Ads or cold email or LinkedIn outreach - maybe all of them combined? frontBrick was able to make suggestions and streamline the process.

The Solution

When frontBrick started working with Black Peak, we struggled to identify Black Peak's ICP. Many property booking companies were the majority of closed won deals, but these were mainly for no-code web app development. We shifted gears and decided to focus on Webflow websites, SaaS & AI companies that were recently funded (most of them backed by YC).

  1. Cold Email Infrastructure: We understood that even we the laser-targeted ICP and great messaging cold email won't work without setting up a robust infrastructure. We purchased 10 alternative domains and split our email infrastructure between Google and Outlook to ensure high deliverability. These emails and domains were then warmed up with Lemwarm for 4 weeks. We picked Lemlist as a go-to solution so we can focus on multi-channel outbound combining cold email and LinkedIn DMs.

  2. The data: Most of our data collection and enrichment process consisted of combining Crunchbase to find funded companies, Apollo + LinkedIn Sales Nav + Apollo to find decision makers, and finally to enrich the data and get additional data points to personalize outreach at scale.

  3. Copywriting - With the help of AI, and highly-relevant lists, we were able to personalize each subject line and each first line of the email / LinkedIn message. Copy was short, to the point and offered upfront value. Most of our sequences were personalized with custom images or videos (at scale).
  4. Result: Over the course of 60 days Black Peak got 29 new leads. The data is clear - more than 50% of all opportunities in HubSpot CRM were from our outbound campaigns.

percentage of deals created from outbound

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